At BILLINKOFF ARCHITECTURE we are concerned about the responsible and efficient use of energy, water and building materials. We look for innovative design solutions that mitigate the negative effects of the built environment on human health.
We select materials that are sustainably grown such as bamboo for flooring and millwork. We incorporate architectural salvage and reclaimed materials when appropriate.
We orient our buildings to take advantage of wind direction and sun angle for heating and cooling.
In lighting design we maximize available natural light to reduce dependence on artificial energy consuming light sources.
We specify well-insulated windows, doors, and walls to help reduce energy loss and reduce energy use.
We install geothermal systems to reduce energy needed for heating and cooling.
We specify low-impact building materials such as recycled denim or soy based insulation, rather than fiberglass insulation that may be dangerous to breathe during installation.
We are exploring the use of organic or milk-based paints and long ago abandoned the use of oil-based finishes.
We work closely with our consultants to develop cost and payback models to assist clients in making informed decisions about which aspects of "Building Green" works best for them.